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Using technology for safer mines
[Dec 7th, 2015]

Comsol delivers ‘shaft to shaft’ connectivity to promote safer mines.

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Will ICASA announce next steps in V-band and E-band debacle at AfricaCom?
[Nov 16th, 2015]

This week Africa turns its focus toward the biggest tech event on the continent, AfricaCom.Gary Woolley explains that not only would AfricaCom be the perfect platform for a discussion of this magnitude, but it would also fall firmly within the event’s theme for 2015.

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Wireless vs. Copper
[Feb 3rd, 2015]

Wireless every time, no contest says Brenden Pronk, CCO of Comsol

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The demand for wireless “constant and significant”
[Nov 3rd, 2014]

The demand for wireless in high fibre areas of South Africa continues unabated according to Brenden Pronk, Chief Commercial Officer of Comsol.

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Specialist connectivity for high complexity environments
[Aug 11th, 2014]

Wireless is the quickest and most cost-effective way to implement a communications network and nowhere is this more evident than in the mining industry.

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Why does legally licensed spectrum matter?
[Jul 24th, 2014]

Choosing a wireless service provider isn’t that complicated.

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Dedicated spectrum allows midrand company to reposition wireless as a fibre-like technology
[Jul 9th, 2014]

High capacity wireless connectivity installed within days rather than months at a lower cost than copper or fibre, plus an aggressive SLA.

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Connectivity for education
[Aug 1st, 2013]

The ever increasing numbers of mobile devices in schools highlights the need for fast, secure and reliable connectivity. This enables the teachers to focus on teaching while giving the students the capacity and power to learn anywhere with access to a library of information.

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Does your provider know its procedures?
[Jun 3rd, 2013]

If it’s a licensed wireless service you are after, then it’s important to know the basics of the spectrum application process so that you can have the confidence that your wireless partner is providing you with what they promised.

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Is your wireless service legally compliant?
[Apr 4th, 2013]

Many companies have been left without connectivity due to a recent crack-down from ICASA on illegal spectrum usage, resulting in a loss of productivity, and more importantly, loss of revenue.

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