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Network redundancy: critical for the Cloud-ready enterprise
[May 3rd, 2018]

As businesses capture new advances made possible by the Cloud, the importance of network redundancy comes to the fore.

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Remembering #KnysnaFires: how Comsol re-connected emergency teams
[Apr 25th, 2018]

A look at the plan by Comsol and Fleetcall to assist rescue services in their communication during the Knysna fire disaster.

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IoT: tracking the same path of the Cloud revolution a decade ago
[Apr 11th, 2018]

As the IoT ecosystem gathers steam, we can draw interesting parallels with the virtualisation and Cloud revolutions from a few years back.

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Comsol welcomes Greg Montjoie to lead IoT business
[Feb 22nd, 2018]

Seasoned ICT expert Greg Montjoie has joined fast-growing telecoms player Comsol, to spearhead the organisation’s Internet of Things (IoT) business.

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Still using DigiNet? Cut the cord in 2018, free your business from constraints
[Jan 22nd, 2018]

As we begin the New Year, our imaginations stretch towards all the wondrous possibilities enabled by rapidly-advancing technologies…

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Comsol competition opens doors and unleashes potential of young entrepreneurs
[Nov 7th, 2017]

Local networking specialists Comsol has launched a new programme – the Comsol Young Entrepreneurs in Innovative Ideas Competition – to incubate and mentor technology and telecoms entrepreneurs.

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Using technology for safer mines
[Dec 7th, 2015]

Comsol delivers ‘shaft to shaft’ connectivity to promote safer mines.

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Will ICASA announce next steps in V-band and E-band debacle at AfricaCom?
[Nov 16th, 2015]

This week Africa turns its focus toward the biggest tech event on the continent, AfricaCom.Gary Woolley explains that not only would AfricaCom be the perfect platform for a discussion of this magnitude, but it would also fall firmly within the event’s theme for 2015.

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Wireless vs. Copper
[Feb 3rd, 2015]

Wireless every time, no contest says Brenden Pronk, CCO of Comsol

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The demand for wireless “constant and significant”
[Nov 3rd, 2014]

The demand for wireless in high fibre areas of South Africa continues unabated according to Brenden Pronk, Chief Commercial Officer of Comsol.

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About Comsol
We are South Africa's premier layer 2 open access solution partner, enabling our channel to answer the demand for high speed, reliable carrier grade access solutions. We understand the need for choice, so we offer the freedom to choose, without compromising on quality and dependability.

Through our Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) we enable businesses to access the full benefits offered by smart devices. Backed by a global alliance and significant investment into the very best infrastructure, we are connecting the African IoT.

Together with our partners, we are committed to enabling limitless connectivity for South Africa and beyond.

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