The ever increasing numbers of mobile devices (laptops /tablets) in schools highlights the need for fast, secure and reliable connectivity. This enables the teachers to focus on teaching while giving the students the capacity and power to learn anywhere with access to a library of information.

Schools and tertiary institutions are increasingly reaping the rewards of having reliable connectivity. One such institution is Herschel Girls School in Claremont, Cape Town.

The school was founded in 1922 and is a leading, independent Anglican School. In 2012, the school decided to investigate alternate telecommunication mediums, in an effort to provide a more reliable and cost effective method of connectivity.

Comsol was approached to connect the existing wireless LAN environment on campus to the TENET (Tertiary Education and Research Network of South Africa) network. There was a need for high capacity connectivity; resulting in a 100mbps wireless microwave link terminating into the closest TENET PoP (Point of Presence) at the Red Cross Hospital. Comsol provided this service to Herschel in partnership with ESN (e-Schools Network), a non-profit ISP who also provides services to 1 700 schools nationwide.

Costs were greatly reduced due to far greater capacities being offered for a fraction of the cost. The school’s primary breakout connectivity has now been increased from the existing 4Mbps using fixed line alternatives to 100Mbps. The connectivity is now fast and reliable with aggressive service level agreements in place to ensure maximum availability. The solution is scalable, meaning the opportunity exists to increase bandwidth with relative ease at a low cost. A massive increase in breakout capacity allow the students to optimise their e-learning experience by having access to the latest, up to date information. A similar solution was also provided to Bishops Diocesan College, also in Cape Town.

Comsol currently offers numerous schools, universities and colleges throughout South Africa with robust last mile licensed band managed services. From deploying on-campus WiFi to last mile connectivity, Comsol’s flexible commercial model assists in offering better learning to the learner.