DVT sponsors Johannesburg UX South Africa Conference 2019

Jun 20th, 2019

UX SA Conference organisers Theo Sauls and Ighsaan Robinson.

Software development and related services company DVT has sponsored the UX South Africa conference held at Axiz in Midrand on 12 to 14 June. Additionally, DVT developed the mobile event app, UX South Africa, which is available on the App Store and on Google Play.

This year’s annual event attracted close to one hundred delegates keen on learning more about user experience and user interface design. According to Theo Sauls, organiser of the UXSA Conference, the UX Johannesburg event has been getting stronger since its launch in 2014.

“User experience has become a fundamental part of a company’s ecosystem and UX practitioners should look at having a seat at the decision making table,” says Sauls, “We are extremely grateful for the support from the UX design community and our sponsors in making this event a success.”

Keynote speakers included the likes of Marcin Treder, CEO and Co-Founder of UXPin, Kathryn Richards, design director at Fjord and Hazel Scrimgeour, senior service & interaction designer from Fjord SA.

Treder spoke about how to get designers and engineers to work together. “Great teams, build great products. Discuss together your hopes and fears for the project. Make sure that both are addressed with meaningful actions.”

DVT’s UX/UI designer, Rochelle Janse van Rensburg, presented on “Data Anorak”, a fresh take on looking at data differently. From converting medical data into design elements and Facebook interaction data into dance steps, Janse van Rensburg demonstrated how data can be used when designing solutions. During her talk delegates were given the chance to create their own ‘data selfies’, giving them a different perspective on presenting data.

Christopher Dawson, head of UX/UI design at DVT says, “It’s been great for DVT to be a UX South Africa conference partner for the last few years. We have had the opportunity to sponsor and speak at the Johannesburg and Cape Town events and to develop their custom mobile event app. It’s always a pleasure working with Theo, Ighsaan and team — they have a lot of expertise in putting a top quality event together.”

Other key sponsors of the event included OfferZen, Balsamiq and Axiz. The next UX Conference will take place in Cape Town in early November 2019. For more information on the event visit www.uxsouthafrica.com.

DVT at UX South Africa 2019

DVT at UX South Africa 2019

UX prize winner Candice Grobler of Offerzen

Christopher Dawson from DVT hands over the prize, a Google Home speaker, to Candice Grobler of Offerzen after DVT’s lucky draw.

UX Conference mobile app

Screenshot of the UX Conference mobile app.

Is your testing partner ISO 27001 compliant?

Feb 12th, 2019

With the advent of new and far more stringent compliance rules and regulations surrounding data privacy and security coming into effect towards the end of last year, DVT is delighted to announce that we’ve completed – and attained – ISO 27001 accreditation.


DVT gets new Gauteng home

Feb 8th, 2019

DVT along with the Dynamic Technologies group companies has relocated to new offices in Rosebank to accommodate the expansion of the organisation.


Top 3 software testing trends identified in 2018

Jul 19th, 2018

By Mario Matthee, Head of SQA Architecture and R&D, Global Testing Solutions, DVT

Every once in a while, we pause our hectic work schedules, take a step back, and reflect on what it is that we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we can improve. A big part of this process for us as software testers is identifying the most common issues our customers face, so we can better assess the steps we’re taking to solve their problems faster and more cost-effectively.

With half the year already behind us, now is a good time to take that pause. In doing so, I’ve identified the three top software testing trends of the year (so far): mobile testing and device farms, performance testing, and speed of testing relating to test automation.

1. Mobile testing and device farms

What we’re seeing in the mobile application testing space at the moment is a growing need for device farms. Existing solutions, like Amazon’s device farms, are extremely expensive. As soon as you opt for using private devices, not only do the rates go up, but you don’t end up owning the devices. However, the need to test on as many devices as possible remains. One solution we’re currently investigating at DVT is creating our own private device labs that will be made exclusively available to our clients for a period of time, so they can do their testing on 100-plus devices and get as much coverage as possible all within the scope of their testing budget with us.

2. Performance testing

Often included as an afterthought, performance testing is usually done at the end of a project or just-in-time before a major product release, or when something goes wrong in production. Fortunately, companies are starting to pay closer attention to performance testing earlier in the software development testing lifecycle. Some companies are also adding performance testing into continuous integration. There is also a range of new performance testing tools available on the market, which makes performance testing so much faster – and therefore more effective. Many companies aren’t there yet, so we’re working closely with our clients to take away the complexity that until now has prevented them from investing in the full-scale performance testing they need.

 3. Speed of testing

Most companies want their testing to be done faster, and many try to take on this task themselves with their own developers. However, as we know, testing requires some level of independence to be most effective. To solve this problem, we see widespread adoption of BDD (behaviour driven development), where the whole project team contributes to the process. This is a very positive development because teams are in effect forced to collaborate on testing from the start, to understand the acceptance criteria, and is also a valuable input into test automation. If you combine this with wide scale enterprise reporting, you really can speed up your testing.

Do any of these trends resonate with your own business, or are you finding other issues more relevant to your own testing experience?

Watch the video on software testing trends with Mario Matthee below.


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