Uncapped Wi-Fi deals: How to choose the best deal?

May 6th, 2019

Everyone needs uncapped Wi-Fi deals. I don’t need to be a prophet to know that. Can you imagine life without Wi-Fi. What a boring life? Since you can’t live without Wi-Fi, it’s better to understand Wi-Fi more. That is why I have prepared this article for you. Knowing how Wi-Fi works saves you money and time.

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a radio technology that is commonly used for the wireless local area networking (WLAN) of devices which is based around the IEEE 802.11 family of standards to share internet and other communications.

What do I need to get Wi-Fi?

All you need to get Wi-Fi is a router and an internet connection. We will talk about many different types of Wi-Fi routers and internet.  Before we do that let’s talk of a few questions. The first question is what type of internet do you need? What Wi-Fi speeds do you need?  What is the difference between Wi-Fi speed and internet speed?  And mainly what type of internet can you connect to?

What is the difference between Wi-Fi speed and internet speed?

Routers may support 150Mbps speed while your internet speed is for example 4Mbps. I hope you can now figure out the difference.

What type of Internet can I get?

Mainly there is ADSL, Wireless, fibre, Lte, Satellite and mobile data.  It’s not about what type of Wi-Fi do you want. But what internet options do you have depending of your geographical location and infrastructure you have in your area?

What is ADSL?

ADSL is transmission of data over copper telephone lines.

How do I get Wi-Fi over ADSL?

You need an ADSL router and  a Telkom copper line as Telkom is the only company in South Africa with copper telephones lines. On top of a telephone line commonly known as Dsl line you need an internet connection. You can get uncapped ADSL deal from another company and Dsl line from another internet service provider. You can get an uncapped ADSL deal from Ecotel.

What is Fibre?

Fibre is the transmition of data at much higher speeds using light impulses.

How do I get fibre?

All you need to get uncapped Wi-Fi deals over fibre is a fibre line and a fibre router. For an Isp to install fibre at your address there must be fibre in your area. Fibre is available in some areas in towns. Most of ISP have a coverage map for you to check if you have fibre in your area.  You can get uncapped fibre deals from Ecotel from R499.

What is Lte?

Lte is the transmission of data over wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals, based on the GSM/EDGE and UMTS/HSPA technologies at high speeds.

How do I get Lte?

To get Wi-Fi over Lte all you need is an Lte router and lte coverage.  Not all Wi-Fi routers support lte. You can get the best lte deals from Ecotel.

What is mobile data/ 3g?

3g is a mobile communications standard that allows mobile phones, computers, and other portable electronic devices to access the Internet wirelessly.

How do I get mobile data?

All you need is a 3g sim and a 3g router. Ecotel has cheaper mobile data packages that can be connected to many users.

Which type of internet is faster?

Mainly Lte is faster than fibre and fibre is faster than ADSL followed by mobile data.

Which type of Wi-Fi is cheaper?

Per Gb ADSL is cheaper ranging from R1.50/Gb at Ecotel. Fibre from R1.60/Gb.  Lte from R5/Gb while mobile data ranges from R49/Gb.

Uncapped Wi-Fi deals or capped Wi-Fi deals?

Uncapped Wi-Fi means unlimited Wi-Fi connection with a fair usage policy(limit), while capped Wi-Fi means limited Wi-Fi connection. Some uncapped Wi-Fi deal may be limited to 50Gb while a capped Wi-Fi deal may have a limit of 100Gb. So you need to ask your ISP what their FUP is? Ecotel uncapped deals are true uncapped meaning that there is no FUP/limits.

What internet speed do i need?

Wi-Fi Usage Required speed
Youtube, Netflix, showmax, Kwese streaming etc  4Mbps fibre, 6Mbps ADSL, 4Mbps lte
Normal browsing & social media 1mbps
Voip 1Mbps and up depending on the number of voip users and the voip network Ecotel voip requires kb of data for an hd call
Emails 1mbps

Which company offers the best Wi-Fi deals?

Isp Uncapped Adsl Lte deals Uncapped Fibre Mobile data
Ecotel R49 R187 R499 R19
Telkom R166 R249 R605 R29
Neotel R299 R650
Afrihost R99 R219 R647 R109
Mweb R99 R350 R489
Vox R99 R219 R599 R99

Supplied prices may change. E&oe

Which router do i need?

ADSL – A list of supported routers  can be found here.

Fibre – A list of supported routers can be found here.

Lte routers – ZTE – MF253, ZTE MF283+, ZTE MF286 HUAWEI B618, HUAWEI B315, HUAWEI B2338 TP-Link – MR200.

Let me know under comments all useful tips that I may have left out to help someone make decision when looking for Wi-Fi deals.


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