Restoring Predictability and Eliminating Migration Risks with Automated Data Lineage

Mar 9th, 2021


Having complete data lineage when migrating to the cloud or hybrid environments enables companies to optimise migration plans and avoid wasting resources on the do-break-debug-redo cycle during execution. Restore predictability, shed technical debt, and eliminate migration risks by mapping objects and dependencies across your server/application estate.

If you are a data architect, analyst, engineer, or involved in a migration project, this event is for you. In this webinar, Anthony Fazio, Sales Engineer at MANTA, will be discussing how having complete data lineage when migrating to the cloud allows data teams to set expectations, stick to the schedule, and escape the do-break-debug-redo.

You will also learn to achieve the below during your cloud migration:

  • Leverage automated lineage to better scope cloud migrations
  • Map critical data assets and document dependencies to ensure nothing gets left behind during the migration process
  • Make the most of data lineage to mitigate risks with root cause and impact analyses
  • Define move groups based on application dependencies
  • Leverage lineage to address data quality issues and to map dependencies and restore predictability across the entire environment
  • You will also see a real-life example of MANTA in action and learn how our automated lineage helped a customer migrate their large legacy Teradata database to Snowflake

Join MANTA partner, Master Data Management for this webinar taking place on Wednesday, the 16th of March 2021 at 16:00 CAT.

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