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A single open resource becomes a stepping stone to so much more

Aug 31st, 2022

Sabinet’s mission of facilitating access to information resulted in the development of its new delivery platform Sabinet Discover. While this new open platform makes it easier for users to browse the breadth of Sabinet’s voluminous content services with increased ease, an index of linked content has been implemented across most resources to improve content discoverability.

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Bridge The Information Gap With Sabinet

Aug 24th, 2022

In a world where information is quickly filtered and truths have uncited versions with undocumented or tainted history, Sabinet is determined to contribute to ensuring accuracy in global communication by providing access to information with factual links and referencing.

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Sabinet’s South African News Research Services

Aug 23rd, 2022

South Africans have a treasure trove of stories from the past that tell of historicial struggles and majestic discoveries. Ethnic separatism in a multicultural society has always been an oxymoron, and today we get to celebrate and build on our unity and diversity across cultures, borders, and language barriers.

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With 1.2 million terabytes of data online, a little bit of trust goes a long way.

Aug 16th, 2022

Be it for research or legal or business support across all industries, gathering credible online information comes with a multitude of challenges. Too much information. Too little time.

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Sabinet proudly supports equal rights for women in the workplace

Aug 8th, 2022

Gender equality is a basic human right, yet progress towards equal rights for women remains elusive globally.

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Preserving news in a digital age

Aug 3rd, 2022

There’s only one way to research news, says Sabinet, home to a most impressive portfolio of South African news and digital archives. Sabinet’s News Research Services is an important resource in the Sabinet portfolio of products, with a focus on current and historical news dating back to 1977.

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