If you’d asked me 21 years ago where I thought technology would be in 2023, I would have been hard-pressed to predict the reality that we are in today. I like to think that my understanding of technology gives me insight into the future, helping me to stay ahead of the curb and see things that others miss. In fact, my business partner Daniel Avinir and I built a business around just this idea – that we can help companies to future-proof their technologies and prepare for whatever the future may hold.

But 21 years ago, cell phones were still a novelty, the smartphone nothing but a pipedream. Forget about tablets and smartwatches, video streaming, and social media. The idea of whole workforces operating from their homes was practically laughable, and the cloud was nothing more than condensation lingering in the air. You certainly wouldn’t have imagined storing data in it.

Helping companies to navigate available technologies.

The world of technology is an ever-evolving landscape, and it’s one that businesses struggle to navigate. That is one difficulty that hasn’t changed since 2003. Technologies keep advancing, and companies struggle to keep up, to find the right solutions that work for and with them. And when we started our business back in 2003, we knew that we had the insights and the understanding of IT that would help companies to bridge that gap.

We saw ourselves as the human face of the tech industry – the supportive IT team who wouldn’t talk over your head, but would help you to understand the technologies that we implemented. That way, we knew that you’d see the way that those solutions enhanced the way you operated, rather than just being another program or piece of equipment that you had to deal with, without ever really knowing why.

Some things don’t change.

Twenty-one years on, and the world is a different place in so many ways. But when I look at the company that Daniel and I built, at the humans who have helped us along the way, at the companies we have helped, it makes me realise that some things haven’t changed at all. We find new words to describe them – slogans like ‘We’re human, not robots’, which tell the world who we are and how we operate.

Our goals remain the same, but we have found new ways to highlight the true value of technology in elevating human connection to make a difference in people’s lives. Because at the end of the day, no matter what it is that you do, or what industry you’re in, you want to be spending your time doing the things that you love with the people who mean the most to you. And the right technology has the power to help you do that – to spend less time on tasks that could be automated, to see data in more meaningful ways, to be more productive, to work smarter rather than harder, and be more connected to the people around you.

We’ve been at this for 21 years, and we’re still learning every single day – finding new ways of putting technology to the best possible uses for your business.

We are still your IT team, not your IT guy – a group of experienced and qualified professionals who work with you to understand your business, your goals, and your existing IT landscape, and help you to evolve it through strategic technology planning that sees you being more, doing more and making more, all with a predictable monthly spend.

Helping you to step into the future with confidence.

The world that we find ourselves in is vastly different to the one that saw the start of what was then Attract IT. Technology has evolved, and so have we. We have become Solid Systems.

We have pinpointed the value that we offer – understanding that not every business is going to be at the right stage in their journey to need the kind of forward-thinking partnership that we thrive at providing. But for those companies who are ready, who need a holistic IT company and Managed IT services partner to help them navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape and see them stepping into the future with confidence, we are here. We are ready. And we are always human.

More about Michael:

Michael Claxton is a father of two and a mentor to many. He possesses a calm demeanour that makes him a natural leader, both inside and outside the office. Michael has a unique ability to foster leadership qualities in others. Furthermore, he recognises the importance of time and how technology can increase efficiency in business. He believes that optimising technology can help individuals make the most of their time, enhancing productivity and personal growth.