Centimex has appointed software development company DVT to develop its Centimex Performance Improvement software solution and bring it to market. The development is being completed in the object-oriented programming language Visual Basic .NET, implemented on Microsoft’s .NET Framework.

DVT offers a structured approach to software development using agile methodologies. The company also brings a wealth of experience from both a business and software development perspective.

“The ever increasing need for improved performance is the driving force behind all successful chief executives, whether their organisation is in the public or private sector and the Centimex software is unique in enabling them to achieve this objective” says Luke van Ees, MD of Centimex South Africa.

“DVT was our first choice as our development partner because their team understood from the outset what we required for the enhancement of the existing software. DVT was able to offer advice as to how best to achieve our goals while, at the same time, understanding the need to get the next release of Centimex to market as soon as possible. Plus, DVT recognised the power of the product and the insight that the software can provide to a business right from our first meeting.”

Centimex software starts with the identification of all customer-based outputs (products, documents or services) produced by public and private sector organisations, and the establishment of the head office structure required to deliver them. It then focuses on all the customer-driven processes and their supporting activities as well as every support staff-driven process and its supporting activities.

“The key to Centimex’s performance improvement identification structure is that it highlights, in a way no other piece of software currently on the market does, every possible performance improvement opportunity,” adds Van Ees. “The software also makes ‘what if’ analysis significantly easier.”

Centimex’s target market includes management consultants, large private sector employers who are in a global struggle to stay competitive, public sector organisations which have to justify their budgets, outsourcing suppliers who have to deliver their promised improvements, SMEs which have never had access to this type of information, and new businesses which need to design processes from the ground up.

“DVT is an experienced software development house that brings good practice around software development,” says Johan Pieters, manager, enterprise mobile solutions at DVT. “Our team will implement continuous integration and make use of test-driven development principles. The development will be done by a small cross-functional development team using Scrum agile principles to do rapid product development to shorten the time to market for Centimex.”

On the roadmap is the development of industry specific modules for Centimex Performance Improvement Software. These industries include financial services, retail, mining and minerals, pharmaceuticals, construction, healthcare, utilities and more.

“Apart from software development expertise, DVT also offers both accounting and management consultant expertise, which are valuable skills when it comes to enhancing the end users’ experience of Centimex,” says Van Ees. “We view DVT as a partner rather than a service provider. We hope to have an ongoing engagement with the company and that the team will continue to develop our software on an ongoing basis once the initial six-month engagement is completed.”