Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies group company, is committed to encouraging and enabling inclusion. An integral part of this process is accessibility testing – something the company excels at.

Using experienced testers with a wealth of knowledge and a practical understanding of industry challenges, Inspired Testing is driving efforts globally to further improve accessibility testing and reduce technological discrimination.

Recognising the importance of accessibility, Inspired Testing is developing a new service specifically tailored to accessibility testing. Jéhan Coetzee, Head of Consulting, says, “This service is designed to address the growing need for comprehensive accessibility evaluations, and it leverages our extensive experience in software testing and quality assurance.

The service will offer a thorough assessment of digital products against established accessibility standards, providing detailed reports and actionable recommendations to improve accessibility.

Our approach will be holistic, and will consider the wide range of impairments and will incorporate user testing with people who are disabled to ensure real-world effectiveness. This initiative underscores our commitment to promoting digital inclusion and helping our clients create products that are accessible to everyone.”

This type of testing is an essential tool to aid inclusion, and is important for a well-rounded, high quality, user-friendly product. This testing is not only a matter of legal compliance and ethical responsibility, but also opens markets and improves the user experience for a broad spectrum of the population.

Globally, the importance of accessibility testing is gaining recognition because of increasing awareness of inclusion and the legal requirements set forth by various regulations aimed at protecting the rights of people with disabilities. Inspired Testing’s clients, both in South Africa and internationally, are embracing this development.

It’s important to note that accessibility encompasses a broad range of conditions beyond physical disabilities – including cognitive, neurological, auditory, visual, and speech impairments.

“This means evaluating how well a website, application, or digital tool can be navigated and used by people with an impairment, including testing with screen readers, keyboard-only navigation, and assessing colour contrast and font sizes,” explains Coetzee.

There’s no downside to accessibility testing, and if offers a wide range of benefits. Primarily, of course, it benefits individuals with disabilities by delivering equal access to digital resources and services.

It also benefits businesses and organisations looking to expand their market reach, improve customer satisfaction, and mitigate the risk of legal consequences due to non-compliance with accessibility standards, such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Serendipitously, Coetzee notes, “Designing with accessibility in mind often leads to cleaner, more flexible, and more usable designs for all users, not just those with disabilities.”

Partnering with Inspired Testing for accessibility testing makes sense. Coetzee says, “Our understanding of specific industry challenges drives our ability to tailor accessibility testing approaches to the unique needs of different sectors.”

“Our expertise allows us to identify generic accessibility issues, as well as those that may uniquely impact users based on the context of use, such as the specific challenges faced by rail commuters with disabilities in the UK, for example. This nuanced approach enhances the user experience for everyone, especially for those facing the most significant barriers to access.”

Prioritising accessibility allows Inspired Testing’s clients to improve user experience, reach a wider audience, and fulfil their legal and ethical obligations.

With a dedication to advancing accessibility testing through their existing expertise and the development of new services, Inspired Testing has positioned itself as a leader in fostering digital inclusion in South Africa and beyond.

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