Overview of corporate vision, products, services and solutions offered by Jumping Bean

Jumping Bean is a dynamic company whose primary aim is to deliver value to our customers whilst creating an environment where our employees get to do what they love by exploring technologies, both established and cutting edge, to architect unique solutions to challenging problems.

Over the last 15 years Jumping Bean has built up extensive experience evaluating, integrating and modifying numerous open source components into powerful cost effective solutions.

This experience enables us to offer standards based open source solutions for common business applications and to offer our integration and application development skills to build custom solutions to unique business problems.

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Our core technologies – Linux, Java, PHP

Java, Linux, PHP are powerful technologies and platforms that we use to deliver:

  • High quality,
  • Cost effective,
  • Open source solutions

We deliver quality products by following a proven software development life cycle while making effective use of open source products and cross platform technologies such as Java to ensure that the minimum is invested to achieve tangible business benefit.

Jumping Bean history, philosophy and vision

Jumping Bean started in June 2001 with the firm belief that the open source integration and Java development market in South Africa was being under-serviced by existing software development houses and system integrators. Existing service and product providers focused solely on implementing solutions on proprietary platforms and technologies with the concomitant increased total cost of ownership and vendor lock-in for customers. With this understanding Jumping Bean aims to provide high quality, cost effective open source solutions to the South African market by using:

  • our strong technical and business skills,
  • open source software, which results in significant cost savings with increases in security, reliability and performance, and by
  • writing software that is standards compliant and uses standard compliant technologies, allowing our customer freedom of platform/vendor choice.

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