Free LPI-OT DevOps Certification Beta Exams

Sign up for the free LPI-OT Beta exams to be run in Cape Town, Durban and  Johannesburg during August and September as part of the Linux Professional Institute’s DevOps certification beta programme.

Aslam Raffee, Director of LPI Southern Africa, says the exams will be the culmination of a process by the LPI to identify the core skills required in the evolving DevOps field and to finalise its DevOps certification. The complete list of objectives for the LPI-OT DevOps exam can be found on the LPI web site.

As part of this process the LPI surveyed open source professionals around the world to understand the core skills and tools required in the DevOps field. This knowledge was then used to develop a set of exams for the DevOps certification.

The beta exams will be an opportunity to sanity check the exams and make sure they meet the objectives of the certification,” says Rafee.

The beta exams will be held at venues around the world during August and September before being sent to LPI’s head office in Canada for marking and evaluation.

Why DevOps?

As the pace of software development and deployment speeds up, many businesses are looking to make their operations more agile by finding ways for better collaboration between traditional SysAdmin staff and their software development teams. The tools and skills required of this new DevOps role have been maturing gradually but to date there has been no certification for professionals working in these positions.

The LPI recognised this and it launched a community-driven process to develop a new DevOps certification under its banner,” says Raffee.

“Time to market is more crucial in business than before,” says Mark Clarke of Jumping Bean, an LPI affiliate. “To get your application out before your competitor you need to optimise your entire development process. DevOps is a key component of this. DevOps by its nature consists of best of breed tools and technologies to ensure the continuous deployment of high quality software.  No one vendor can offer an entire ‘DevOps Stack’,  thus LPI is best suited to offer a DevOps cert that covers the most commonly used tools.”

Sign up

The free LPI Southern Africa DevOps beta exams will be held in Cape Town on 19 August, in Durban on 26 August, and in Johannesburg on 2 September. Anyone interested in taking the exams can sign up online or phone 011-781-8014 for more information.