By Inus Dreckymeyr, CEO at Netshield South Africa

As a child it was easy to think that anything was possible. Even as a young creative, entering the tech industry 23 years ago, I was a strong believer in the possibility of creating my own solution to any problem I came across. As long as I had the drive, the vision and the tools to make it happen, I knew I could.

Perhaps, that is why Netshield South Africa was founded on a strong foundation of technological, optical, instrumentation, mechanical and electronic research and development. If myself or one of our engineers sees a problem, there is no way that we are going to sit around and wait for someone else to create a solution, we do it ourselves, because this way we know what the exact need is, what the specifications are and we can therefore develop a tailor-made solution for a specific problem.

It is this approach to problem solving that prompted the creation of the Netshield special development offering, which turns your ideas into working business solutions. In short, what special development offers you is the opportunity to tap into Netshield’s team of qualified engineers and leverage their skills to assist you in developing, designing and architecting solutions for your business. It’s the opportunity to turn your idea into a product.

No matter the industry, we can create an electronic solution

What is defined as a workplace in South Africa can range from a sleek, air-conditioned office in Cape Town, to a dusty mine shaft, to being at the top of a crane on a building site in Sandton. The solutions required in each work environment vary and you shouldn’t be limited to off-the-shelf solutions when what you may need is a solution that’s tailor-made to suit your business and work environment.

The Netshield special development team has worked with companies in various industries to develop solutions. We’ve worked on noise analysis solutions for a large mining company, we’ve developed tech solutions like specialised access control systems for data cabinets and we’ve also created renewable energy solutions that save power, and in the long run, money.

We specialise in and try our utmost to resolve our customer’s business issues. The Netshield Special Development team will sit down with you and draft a specification according to your requirements, which you will then need to approve before we create the solution using our products. We can go from customising self-contained data cabinets, to developing software, to applications to mechanical design, to surge protection and environmental monitoring, virtually anything really.

A solution for safety

In the mining sector for example, the Netshield special development team, backed by the idea engine Willbatt, created the Lamproomman Management System. The concern that sparked the development of this solution was the health and safety of miners in South Africa. Having to move around in dark shafts and tunnels definitely isn’t one of the easiest professions in the world and is riddled with all kinds of danger. Therefore, the safety and health of miners should be top priority for employers.

With the support of Willbatt, the Netshield special development team developed a system that can effectively control and monitor the time and date that a miner enters a controlled area, whether these miners are equipped with all the necessary safety equipment and in possession of a cap lamp and ensures that there are no unauthorised entries. The Lampprooman can also detect whether all the miners that entered are safely out of the mine before blasting or at the end of a shift. In addition, it enables managers to have time and attendance records of all entries and exits and to manage stock and maintenance cycles of equipment.

This solution controls access to the mine with fingerprint scanners and will refuse access to anyone that’s not registered as an authorised employee or visitor. Equipment contains RFID tags and is allocated to authorised employees and visitors through a barcode system which allows for close monitoring of stock levels. Missing or obsolete equipment can be removed from the system and spare equipment can be allocated at the same time, keeping a record of equipment used by each miner.

This type of solution could be adjusted for any work environment where equipment needs to be monitored such as a factory or workshop, or where the safety of workers is a concern. It’s a solution that will create a safer working environment for many South Africans that face dangerous working conditions every day.

The innovation platform

Special development is more than just delivering a product to a customer. It’s about working with our customers to create innovative, working business solutions that push industries forward and make it okay for businesses to want more than what is available to them off-the-shelf.

By working with your teams, the Netshield special development team can identify the functionality and specifications you require from a product, and is able to adapt this into an industry specific solution that caters for the market you operate in. We create a platform for innovation, because we know that no matter how old you are, you should be allowed to believe that you can turn your vision into a reality.