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Spescom (Pty) Ltd is a JSE listed company operating in the ICT (Information & Communications Technology) sector
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R9m plant upgrade for Lighting Structures
Jul 28th, 2011

More capacity, efficiency and innovative new telecoms, power and lighting structures for sub-Saharan Africa

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Is self-service helping your business or driving customers away?
Jun 7th, 2011

In any contact centre the biggest cost will always be the agents who are required to handle calls and queries. In an effort to reduce this costs many businesses use self-service technology to enable customers to deal with certain issues themselves, without the need to speak to a live agent, in theory reducing the load on agents and helping customers have a better experience

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Spescom Media IT’s take on the upcoming MediaTech 2011
Jun 7th, 2011

The 2011 NAB (National Association of Broadcasters)show in Las Vegas in April offered insight into current broadcast technologies and trends driving them, and these are very similar to what Spescom Media IT believes will be on show at the local MediaTech 2011 event in July 2011

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Lower costs, access skills anywhere with remote contact centre
May 16th, 2011

The concept of the remote contact centre worker is nothing new in the global market, and now thanks to the greater availability of bandwidth and associated lower cost, it has also become a viable option in South Africa

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Work from home?
Apr 26th, 2011

Big wins for contact centres, says Spescom if corporate South Africa can change its management approach

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Integrating social media into the contact centre
Apr 12th, 2011

The social networking phenomenon is sweeping the world, changing the way people interact with one another and with company brands

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From hosted contact centres to solutions as a service
Apr 11th, 2011

Any CIO worth their salt is investigating software as a service (SaaS). In the contact centre industry, the opex spend model which a hosted solution offers is appealing, especially given that contact centre owners are faced with a future where interactions will increasingly take place via multiple channels and customers’ expectations in terms of service quality and speed are becoming more sophisticated and demanding

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Reporting – is your contact centre using the best?
Mar 28th, 2011

Contact centres are dealing with increasing complexity in a highly competitive arena. To be profitable, operations need to be cost efficient and outputs need to meet performance goals and promises. Reporting is core to achieving this

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Making vendor/channel partnerships work
Mar 25th, 2011

The relationship a vendor fosters with its channel partners’ will often determine the success of the product in the market. Spescom DataVoice believes ongoing dialogue with technology partners, resellers, channel partners — and customers – is the right recipe for success and is planning on expanding its reach through its channels

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Intelligent routing for better performance, response times, decision-making
Mar 17th, 2011

Intelligent routing (IR) is not new to contact centres – the benefits of using this technology are proven

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