Turrito Networks is the defacto service provider to the SME market: from bre and wireless, to telephony, cloud computing services and more. We’re network agnostic and work with all of South Africa’s top tier networks to create the perfect connectivity solution for your business – and budget. Access to all services and all networks enables us to deliver what you need, using combinations of solutions throughout the industry. Our converged model allows us to deliver both top service levels and resilient networks, while providing far more focus on service delivery and support.

We’re passionate about service delivery and, as our testimonials show, we’ll always have your back. We’ll not only ensure you have the best solution for your business, we’ll also manage it for you so you’re never spending valuable working hours waiting for a call centre agent. A single point of accountability ensures our customers are continually offered the best possible solution in an ever-changing telecommunications market.


Connect my Business

We help you choose the right connectivity solution that both amplifies your business and suits your needs. With so many solutions at your fingertips, how do you choose the correct connectivity solution that both amplifies your business and suits your needs? Turrito acts as an independent advisor, and since we’re network agnostic with no preferred supplier, we’ll provide you with the best advice and support for your growing business.


Connect my Information

Connecting your information means having access to all the tools you and your sta need, when they need them, from anywhere.

Storing and accessing your information – from documents, reports, production and nance, to effectively sharing and collaborating with both customer and internal stakeholders and more – means making sure that your information is readily accessible and secure. Connecting your information means having access to all the tools you and your people need, when they need them.


Connect my People

Save you and your business time and money by giving your employees access to all the information they need at all times.

Working remotely or telecommuting is associated with higher productivity and greater happiness for employees, but it can be challenging for companies to enable remote work for their employees. Turrito has the tools to set up a remote working solution to save you and your employees time and money, and give your employees access to all the information they need at all times, with no need to stay tied to physical servers.


Our Story

In the early 2000s, before Turrito was Turrito, Brian Timperley and Louis Jardim were senior sales and product specialists at a major ICT (information and communications technology) company. They noticed most ICT firms were netting the big fish and ignoring the needs of small to medium companies, and saw a place to help the neglected SME get a foot up. As Brian said to Entrepeneur magazine,

“We wanted to make our customers feel as important as the big blue chips by giving them preferential support, pricing and service delivery.”

After a roller-coaster ride with the usual challenges of a startup and a crash landing culture clash with their first investors, they refined their business model and eventually found new backers: the MICROmega group.

As for how they got their name, Louis says,

“We were looking for something quirky, different and somehow related to what we do as a business.”

Since Turrito is a network agnostic connectivity solution – not tied to any one network – the Turritopsis nutricula was the perfect (if unusual) fit. This immortal jellyfish, with tentacles reaching out like a network, floating freely [between service providers] and with no physical backbone [but rather that of other networks]…

The jellyfish tentacles in our logo form the infinity sign, which references the immortal nature of the sea jelly, and our corporate identity colours are ocean blue and deep teal. We also had, at one time, a live Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish in our office, but it died… apparently you still need to feed them.

Aside from occasionally being called Burrito Networks by Mexican cuisine fanatics, the name was well received, and like the jellyfish, Turrito Networks intend to be around for a very long time…