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Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa provides African Resellers Access to Azure

Sep 28th, 2017

African customers to benefit from the full value of the Microsoft cloud services delivered through Azure.

Reliable Wi-Fi access made possible with Ruckus

Sep 27th, 2017

Ruckus has developed state-of-the-art technologies that make their outdoor access points speedy and reliable, ensuring that there is no drop in signal.

How your phone use is affecting your health

Sep 20th, 2017

The concerns about how posture and phone use influences well being is not a new one, however, it has become a greater concern due to the increase of the amount of time we spend on the phone.

The Changing Workplace

Aug 30th, 2017

These days we can work from anywhere: a hotel, a coffee shop, from home. As long as you have connectivity, you might not even need to go into an office for meetings.

Tinnitus? Noise reduction technology can help

Aug 28th, 2017

Jabra’s cordless and corded headsets helps reduce loud noises and provide protection from sudden and high-pitched sounds.

Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa Appoints CEO

Aug 7th, 2017

Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa, a value-added technology distributor of category-leading solutions in Security, Collaboration, Networking, Cloud and Data Centre, is pleased to announce that Rakesh Parbhoo has officially joined the company in the role of CEO of WestconGroup SA, effective 1st August 2017.

Smart hospitality companies are today technology companies

Aug 2nd, 2017

Meraki solutions for hospitality are helping unlock better guest experiences with the use of technology.

Westcon-Comstor extends a hand to the Salvation Army

Aug 1st, 2017

Nearly 150 years ago, Methodist preacher and evangelist William Booth started a movement called The Salvation Army to help the impoverished.

Know what you are buying – Buy genuine

Jul 19th, 2017

Many may think they are getting the deal of a lifetime when purchasing cheaper products on the grey market, but the reality is you are losing out quite significantly on quality and service, and may even risk buying counterfeit or unlicensed products.

Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa awarded Zebra Distributor of the Year FY16

Jul 4th, 2017

Westcon-Comstor Southern Africa announce that it has been awarded the Zebra Technologies’ 2016 Distributor of the Year award for South Africa for the second year running.

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