Customer Experience Management means nothing without measurement

Aug 25th, 2016

According to Jed Hewson, co-founder of 1Stream, you can’t change or improve customer experience until you can measure it.

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5 reasons to outsource your cloud-based call centre technology

Jul 25th, 2016

With managed services such as cloud-based call centre providers, it is possible to make the most of the opportunities available to produce the best results for a business.

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Are you managing the people or the tech?

Jun 22nd, 2016

Call centres are about the people first, and the technology is simply the enabler that helps provide the best customer experience.

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Is your contact centre a brand building or grudge centre?

May 16th, 2016

Streamlined systems, self-service options, real-time communication and measured results define the contact centre of the future.

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Why chatbots won’t replace humans

Apr 22nd, 2016

Many industry experts maintain that while the advancements of technology are remarkable, for the foreseeable future there will remain an important place for people, with the help of automation, in a contact centre.

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Omni-Channel – Do’s and Don’ts

Mar 17th, 2016

With more customers owning smart mobile devices, companies are facing an ever increasing need to communicate and respond to customers using channels, other than a simple voice call.

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Contact centre data analytics for business benefit

Feb 23rd, 2016

Data has become the currency of the digital landscape. Irrespective of industry sector, no company can afford not to manage, analyse, and execute on the information it has at its disposal.

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Embracing technology change in contact centres

Feb 3rd, 2016

The South African contact centre industry has evolved to such an extent that it is becoming the focal point for corporate sales, service, and support.

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Four steps to manage peak periods in academic call centres

Oct 27th, 2015

With new and advanced technology solutions, such as cloud-based platforms and services, the challenge of ensuring good interaction and customer service experience with students can quite easily be addressed.

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Cloud Contact Centre Provider 1Stream Releases Platform 2.5

Sep 22nd, 2015

1Stream has released an updated version of its platform that is a response to the fast-changing contact centre environment, which is being shaped by the mobile-first trend and increasing use of multimedia.

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