Cascade update for WAN optimisation released

IT infrastructure performance company for networks, applications and storage, Riverbed Technology has introduced enhanced features to streamline the visibility and reporting of organisations deploying WAN optimisation.

Since the completion of its acquisition of Mazu Networks in February 2009, Riverbed has integrated Cascade appliances into its WAN optimisation solutions.

Without requiring any expensive remote probes, advance configuration or environmental knowledge, Cascade 8.3 ‘out-of-the-box’ analyses network traffic to provide information about the performance, interactions of and dependencies between users, applications and networks.

“Our customers have been asking for more than just optimisation. They need new solutions to manage their WAN and understand the benefits of WAN optimisation in their own environment. Over the last three months we’ve integrated Cascade into WAN optimisation environments, beyond the capabilities of other application monitoring and visibility solutions,” said Christo Briedenhann, regional director: Africa, Riverbed.

Additionally, Cascade appliances automatically detect Steelhead appliances. This will allow them to automatically group the WAN interfaces and associated NetFlow data as belonging to optimised sites or non-optimised sites as appropriate.

With enhanced reporting capabilities, it’s easier for a non-expert to access valuable reports about WAN optimisation. Cascade appliances will allow an IT director or C-level executive to obtain insight into the service levels of network traffic without extensive product training

“The enhancements to the Cascade appliances address the need for an application and business-aware management solution.  To meet our customers’ needs we’ve focused on automating features that were previously manually intensive and required detailed knowledge of the WAN environment,” added Briedenhann.

Cascade version 8.3 will be available to customers beginning June 15, 2009.

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Cascade update for WAN optimisation released