Open source operating systems increase

Juniper sees open source smartphones increasing over 100% by 2014

The number of Smartphones shipped with open source operating systems (OS) is due to increase from 106 million in 2009 to 223 million by 2014.

This is according to a new report from telecom consultants Juniper Research.

The last three years has seen a shift in the OS market with market leader Symbian moving to open source and Apple leading the way in the distribution of Applications through its AppStore approach.

The move to open-source OS has also encouraged developers to create applications. With over 60% of the OS market is now based on open-source, and a sizeable pool of software design talent out there, there is considerable opportunity for innovation.

There is a clear warning for device manufacturers adds Juniper. The choice of OS is now critical and market share will, to a large extent, follow application development. The unexpected side effect however will be a shift in the balance of power towards application developers and end users.

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Open source operating systems increase