Advanced RAID controller released

Drive Control Corporation announces local release

Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced the Adaptec Series 5Z Unified Serial(R) (SATA/SAS) RAID controller family which integrates the company’s flash-based Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection (ZMPM) module.

The 5Z series’ ZMPM module incorporates a solid state solution and replaces the current generation of Lithium Ion battery-based cache back-up devices.  By incorporating solid state, the controller has a significantly extended lifecycle and therefore drives down operating costs.

Furthermore, users no longer have to monitor battery charge levels or shut-down servers in order to replace batteries.

“The new 5Z series in essence mitigates the unreliability and maintenance typically associated with lithium ion battery devices as solid state lasts much longer and therefore improves the overall efficiency of the controller.

With Zero-Maintenance Cache Protection, data is stored in the controller cache for up to 10 years with no installation, monitoring, maintenance, disposal or replacement costs,” says Rajen Naicker, Adaptec Product Specialist at DCC.

Unlike Lithium Ion batteries, ZMCP protects cached data immediately, instead of hours after battery conditioning, providing instant protection and immediate optimised RAID performance.

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Advanced RAID controller released