Software helps learning difficulties

Speak and See to help computer users with learning disabilities

The Retail division at local specialist distributor, Workgroup, has announced the immediate availability of Nuance’s Speak & See suite of products. The suite is a software solution that provides levels of support for reading, writing and accessibility requirements.

“With four different tools in one software packages, Speak & See offers access to information and text for PC users who struggle with a range of difficulties,” says Gladwel Soko, product manager: Nuance at Workgroup.

“Anyone who struggles with dyslexia or reading difficulties, uses English as a second language, wants to learn a foreign language or suffers from sight loss or limited vision can benefit from the suite’s holistic range of speech recognition tools, text-to-speech features, screen rulers, magnifiers and colour overlays.”

Powered by the Nuance’s flagship speech recognition software, Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Speak & See also provides assistance to those with upper body mobility and literacy problems, or those unable to type well.

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Software helps learning difficulties