Shortcut to mobile broadband option for SA

•      New solution brings 3G performance to GSM networks
•      Maximizes current investments, smoothes out 3G coverage
•      Enables mobile broadband for 4 billion GSM users

In countries with limited access to fixed networks, where demand for broadband is strong and the mobile phone is the most affordable way to access the internet, Ericsson’s  EDGE Evolution presents subscribers with a great opportunity. This shortcut to mobile broadband adds 3G capabilities to GSM networks, significantly reduces delays and can increase data speeds by up to 300 percent. A potential market of 4 billion GSM users could soon enjoy internet browsing, access to social networks, and other multimedia content via their mobile phones.

EDGE Evolution also makes a difference for users who already have access to mobile broadband services. With improved speed and overall data performance, the existing GSM network can complement and smooth out patchy 3G coverage. The software is now being activated and evaluated in several European and Asian operators’ live networks.

Ulf Ewaldsson, Vice President and Head of Product Area Radio at Ericsson, says: “We are proud to be the world’s first vendor with a commercially available EDGE Evolution solution. This is mobile broadband performance with low entry barriers. With this technology operators can address a potential market of 4 billion GSM users and provide cost-effective mobile broadband anywhere – including countries where 3G licenses have not yet been granted. It is all part of our commitment to offering improved communications such as mobile broadband to more people around the globe and to helping close the digital divide.”

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Shortcut to mobile broadband option for SA