Common data model needed

Implements TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID) for operators across OSS, BSS and customer experience management

With significant pressure on operating costs, service providers need standard building blocks that enable business agility. To support this business need, Nokia Siemens Networks is working towards a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based environment. As a concrete step towards that goal, the company recently received TM Forum’s Information Framework (SID) certification to its open, process-led OSS/BSS architecture and its business analysis application suite.

SID conformant interfaces help operators avoid time consuming point-to-point integration efforts aligning Operations Support System (OSS), Business Support System (BSS) and customer experience management processes between fixed, wireless, broadband and IP domains.

“As part of the TM Forum’s Frameworx Integrated Business Architecture, the Information Framework provides a common information reference model which enables faster implementation of projects, enhances service quality and optimally leverages network data across multi-vendor environments,” said Keith Willetts, Chairman & CEO, TM Forum. “This certification across several product and business domains is a testament to Nokia Siemens Networks’ commitment to help operators reduce integration costs and succeed in multi-vendor, multi-technology environments.”

“The management and business systems of most communication service provider comprise a patchwork of multi-vendor applications and hardware platforms,” says Juhani Hintikka, head of Operations Support Solutions, Nokia Siemens Networks. “Due to the inconsistency between the information and process structures of the different solutions, changing one element in the setup requires adjustments across the network. Our aim is to simplify data consolidation from different systems, enabling operators to speed up systems integration.”

In the OSS arena for instance, Nokia Siemens Networks’ SID conformant NetAct 6 helps provide an end-to-end view of all network elements and services. Operators can leverage this unified network management solution to speed up their time-to-market and offer an enhanced Quality of Experience.

In the BSS domain, the vendor’s SID conformant [email protected] business solution will simplify the implementation of converged charging and billing and customer relationship management applications, helping operators adapt their tariff models to diverse customer needs and launch new market campaigns based on detailed customer insight dashboards.

In addition, with it’s SID conformant Serve atOnce Intelligence business analysis application suite, Nokia Siemens Networks supports operators efficiently in detecting business critical service degradation as well as other network problems fast to take appropriate actions. Serve atOnce Intelligence consolidates and analyses usage, service quality and business performance data from all kinds of access and service technologies like 2G voice, 3G data, MMS or web browsing, etc.

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Common data model needed