FTI launches Information & Data Modelling Master Class

Faculty Training Institute, leading education provider, has launched a master class in Information and Data Modelling designed especially for business analysts, information architects and Business Information specialists who need to master the vital skills and techniques for constructing data models that generate enduring business value.

Information is a critical and often overlooked aspect of information systems. Information Architecture is a key pillar of an effective Enterprise Architecture, and one that can deliver the most sustainable business value through the entire life of a system. Modern systems that are implemented without strong, efficient data architectures are likely to be error-ridden and will seriously limit functionality and information use and may even hamper the business as it grows and changes.

The differentiating factor of Faculty Training Institute’s three day IDML workshop is that it is not database design course, but approaches information modelling from a business perspective.  It takes into account the design of data models, not merely as a technical issue, but one that needs to take into account the requirements of multiple stakeholders, processes and systems which will all need to access and use information over the entire useful lifetime of that information.

“There are quite a few people who understand data modelling from a technical perspective.  It is however, much harder to find skilled individuals who can understand how to embed business rules, information and requirements into models” says Steve Erlank, MD of FTI and the designer of the restructured course.

With earlier systems architectures it was important to have strong database design skills because performance and tuning dominated the thinking about data. Modern computer architectures place much more emphasis on the presentation and usage of business information to the user, and the relative simplicity of a centralised database has been replaced by systems that draw their information from multiple sources, summarise and analyse it in complex ways, and distribute and replicate it over multiple platforms ranging from intranets to data warehouses.  And the skills to structure this data around business requirements are in short supply.

Organisations, with their increasing dependence on information for the solution of business issues and the finding of business opportunities, need strong and efficient data architectures to ensure that they gain optimum performance and use from this asset.

This course will benefit people who work with information or data and typical delegates would include business and product specialist, domain experts and users, business and systems analysts, enterprise architects, data, MIS or BI specialists.  The course forms the core module of a more extensive range of training products, to be launched soon, that will focus on a developing a range of Information Management issues.

Faculty Training Institute has a 21 year track record of providing training excellence and skills development to professional individuals within the IT industry and knowledge domains where high-order thinking and the ability to innovate and solve problems is prized.

For information on the Information and Data Modelling Course commencing 19 July and 4 August in Cape Town and Johannesburg respectively, or to view FTI’s other programmes for professional Business Analysts, Systems Analysts and Test Analysts, please contact Robyn on 021 683 4506 or [email protected] or visit www.fti.co.za

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FTI launches Information & Data Modelling Master Class