Enterprise Networking Evolves

Enterprise networking is evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the modern mobile business environment.  Louis Helmbold, Axiz Business Development Manager:  HP Networking says, “Enterprise networking has progressed from a file and print sharing tool to a communication resource enabling anywhere, anytime connectivity.”

He says that today’s workforce requires constant mobile access that enables them to work seamlessly wherever they are,  connecting and sharing information in real time. Helmbold says that as mobility solutions have evolved so to have enterprise networking.  “Enterprise networking can now provide significant advantages for forward-thinking, mobile organisations.”  Helmbold says organisations can expect increased productivity as a result of these network mobile solutions without compromising security.  “Infrastructure flexibility, bandwidth optimisation and consolidating a wired and wireless network in a unified manner are also part of a new mobile-focused enterprise networking environment.”

Mobile network connectivity includes both wired and wireless technologies, providing users with access across a broad range of environments.  “As we experience an increase in popularity and adoption of cloud computing, enterprise networking becomes even more of a reality.  It is imperative that internal cloud computing networks, which provide seamless storage and server access are created,” says Helmbold.

When deciding on an enterprise networking solution it is integral to choose an infrastructure that is reliable, easy to use, affordable, secure and well integrated.  According to Helmbold, Axiz understands the evolution of enterprise networking and mobility and together with HP have the expertise to provide companies with a dynamic solution.

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Enterprise Networking Evolves