NDrive for android get critical update

NDrive has deployed a critical update to their more than half million Android users. As it stands in contemporary app stores, sink or swim is not only the name of the game – but a mantra to live and conduct business by. Key metrics for success in the ‘Travel & Local’ Android category have been derived through constant listening to its customers requests and comments. From the data provided they’ve determined key metrics for update success in three distinct areas which are targeted for their Android update.

Improved Integration:
• Native Android OS keyboard
• Support of multi-touch gestures
• Better Android OS integration (multitasking, battery-save mode, etc.)

New features:
• Traffic on the map (busy streets will be highlighted with red and yellow)
• North-Up mode
• Improved compass for pedestrians, that will rotate map on the screen after rotating phone

Performance improvements:
• Dynamic zoom (still while playing with map, auto zoom/auto jump while driving)
• Button for 2D/3D modes
• Button to return to current location

According to their Android developer account statistics, approximately 48% of their Android patrons are actively updating their OS and reacting positively to update prompts. They expect that a similar amount will download their latest version within the next week.

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NDrive for android get critical update