Nimbuzz opens its messenger API and introduces Chat Buddy Developers Program

Launches host of chat buddies on day to day utilities, updates and much more
– First IM to open API with commercial relevance

Nimbuzz (, the award-winning Instant Messaging application, today announced the opening up of its Messenger API with launch of Chat Buddy Developer Program (CBDP). This initiative is expected to help brands, publishers, and independent developlers get access to the 90 million Nimbuzz users from across 200+ countries. The CBDP allows developers to build chat buddies across various verticals such as Cricket, astrology, shopping, games, news, besides utilities such as ticketing, movie reviews, classifieds, etc. Nimbuzz has launched a separate section @ to help handhold the developers, trying to gain the first mover advantage on one of the biggest mobile platforms.

Nimbuzz has also collaborated with the below mentioned brands and publishers to increase their catlog of Chat Buddies in nWorld, the Nimbuzz App store.

• IBNLive for news update
• Cricbuzz for live cricket update
• Twitter for tweeting from within Nimbuzz
• Vantagetrade for stock updates
• Wikipedia for ready-information
• Youtube for searching & viewing videos
• IMDB for movies reviews
• Car Dekho for car prices & reviews
• Price Dekho for price comparison
• Future Dekho for astrology update

Besides these, Nimbuzz expects to add another 25 chat buddies developed by prefered partners in the next one month. NWorld also hosts Social Games, Virtual Gifts, and Avatars.

“Nimbuzz Chat Buddy Developer Program has been created with the objective of building a developer community which can benefit from the ever growing Nimbuzz userbase. We look forward to some exciting chat buddies in our eco system, driven by passionate developers, brands and publishers.” said Mr Jamshed V Rajan, Chief Product Officer, Nimbuzz.

“With a daily average session time of more than 55 minutes per user, Nimbuzz is an appropriate vehicle for a developer ecosystem to flourish within a mobile application.”

“Very soon developers on Nimbuzz will be able to monetize their chat buddies as well.” he added

How do brands, publishers & developers benefit?

• access to 90 Million Nimbuzz’ers worldwide
• new and innovative way to make target audience interact with the brand
• a higher penetration into the target users who spend at least 55 minutes on an average every day

What Nimbuzz does?

Besides providing app developers with such a massive platform, Nimbuzz:

• handhold developers through the development process
• maximize the return on investment
• share feedback through statistics showing the performance of each Chat Buddy
• provides support to improve the performance of your Chat Buddy

It is a win-win situation for users who don’t have to download specific apps for these purposes, since Nimbuzz acts as a one stop shop for all their communication and entertainment needs.

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Nimbuzz opens its messenger API and introduces Chat Buddy Developers Program