Pacemaker is back. Mix, scratch and loop on the Pacemaker App!

Pacemaker Device, the world’s first mobile DJ system, was launched with a bang in the spring of 2008. It showed that anyone could be the DJ, anytime, anywhere. Now the technology has been ported into an app for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, making Pacemaker into a touch based experience, more accessible than ever before!

Developing Pacemaker® for the BlackBerry PlayBook mans that the internationally awarded user interface has been revamped to fit a touch interface.

“We understood that with the abilities of a touch interface, we could raise the user experience and usability to new levels,” says Jonas Norberg the inventor of Pacemaker Device and CEO of Pacemaker. “We took the original Pacemaker idea and combined it with the powers of a touch platform. I must say that I am very happy with the result!”

When launched, Pacemaker Device was priced at USD $850.00, now the same functionality is available in Pacemaker app for only USD $19.99.

“There were a lot of people who wanted the Pacemaker Device, but because it was expensive, few could afford it. Launching Pacemaker as an app makes it is possible for us to make it much more affordable. We believe everybody is a DJ; we want to make it possible for anyone to create mixes and have fun with their music. So having a price point around twenty dollars instead of hundreds is obviously the way to go,” says Jonas.

The decision to launch Pacemaker App on the BlackBerry PlayBook was made after carefully evaluating the tablets available on the market.

“PlayBook is based upon QNX, the only true real-time operating system running on a mobile device. When developing a DJ system it is very important to have the kind of control that the BlackBerry PlayBook delivers,” says Jonas.

“The Pacemaker App on the BlackBerry PlayBook is fluid, alive and fun. It not only serves the needs of professional DJs, but will appeal to anyone wanting to create their own amazing content,” says Martyn Mallick, VP, Global Alliances & Business Development at RIM.

“There is a need for a proper DJ app and the reincarnated Pacemaker, which actually invented mobile DJ-ing, may be just that. Can’t wait to get it,” says John Acquaviva, an internationally known DJ.

On the June 14th, Pacemaker is launching at the Sonar music festival in Barcelona, and will be available for download on BlackBerry App World™ for USD $19.99 (price varies by country and currency).

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Pacemaker is back. Mix, scratch and loop on the Pacemaker App!