Bytes Systems Integration developer gets global biometrics certification

Barry Jacobs, a solutions developer at Bytes Systems Integration, has become one of only six people in South Africa, and 1 000 in the world, to achieve the Certified Biometrics Professional (CBP) Certification offered by IEEE (the US-based Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

The IEEE CBP sets the standard of knowledge in the biometrics industry. People who pass the examination are prepared to demonstrate that they have the level of proficiency needed to perform in a skilled and effective manner.

“There are many people who call themselves biometrics experts,” says Derek Zellie, biometrics business unit manager at Bytes Systems Integration. “The CPB is the most highly recognised certification in the market globally, and it’s a designation that provides a very important differentiator when it comes to our clients’ needs for biometrics solutions. It’s given Barry an in-depth understanding of how biometrics work, how the technology can be applied at business level, and what devices and technologies are superior to others.”

Jacobs, who has a BSc in information technology, says the certification has given him a competitive edge in the industry as it teaches relevant, practical content developed by world-class biometrics experts and practitioners. “It’s also given me the knowledge and skills necessary to apply this new body of knowledge to real-world problems and situations,” says Jacobs.

The IEEE CBP programme is web-based and took four months to complete, covering topics like biometric system design and evaluation, modalities and standards.

Bytes Systems Integration encouraged Jacobs to achieve certification as the programme is internationally recognised. Having a CBP on board will enhance its implementation of biometrics-enabled systems, which is in line with the company’s goal to become a top biometrics solutions developer, says Zellie.

“As an organisation, this gives us an even greater ability to meet the increasing demand for biometrics to solve business challenges,” adds Zellie. It also gives us additional accreditation when it comes to applying for tenders and securing new business.”

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Bytes Systems Integration developer gets global biometrics certification