Bytes wins Cisco ATP certification

Bytes Systems Integration has achieved certification as a Cisco Telepresence Video & Advanced Partner for South Africa. The highly demanding certification falls under the prestigious Cisco Advanced Technology Program (ATP) certification programme, and required Bytes to demonstrate the requisite levels of Cisco-certified professionals to support Cisco’s telepresence offering.

Telepresence uses a range of networked technologies to give participants in virtual meetings an experience that closely approximates the real-world equivalent. In particular, telepresence greatly enhances video-conferencing, using advanced technology to provide a visual and auditory experience that mimics an in-person meeting; it also incorporates collaboration tools such as digital whiteboards. Technical advances in this area are also making telepresence a reality on mobile devices, thus further improving productivity.

“As travel costs soar and sustainability issues grow in importance, telepresence is emerging as a smart way to build relationships with business partners in distant geographical areas,” says Patrick Hastings, managing director: Advanced Technology Services at Bytes Systems Integration.

Thanks to geopolitical uncertainty and fears of global petroleum shortages, air travel costs have risen steadily over the past few years—23% between 2009 and 2010 alone. Coupled with the global recession, these higher prices are forcing companies to reconsider the economics of frequent corporate travel. In addition, commitments to reduce their carbon footprints is driving corporates to look for alternate ways to build and maintain personal relationships in a business environment that is increasingly globalised. Telepresence is particularly useful in helping global corporations manage their subsidiaries around the world.

“With its long record as a leading innovator in driving network innovation, Cisco has established its telepresence solution as the market leader globally, so achieving this certification is a significant milestone for Bytes. It fits in with our overall strategy of developing the capabilities to meet our clients’ growing need for collaboration technologies, including social media and video,” says Hastings. “We see huge opportunities in this market sector and will continue to work closely with the Cisco team to develop and augment our mutual capabilities, and develop solutions that solve our clients’ needs.”

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Bytes wins Cisco ATP certification