Microsoft selects Binary Tree’s software

Microsoft to Incorporate Binary Tree’s Migration and Coexistence Technology for -On-boarding their Customers to Office 365

Binary Tree, a provider of software solutions for migrating to Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, announced that Microsoft has selected Binary Tree migration and coexistence technology to streamline the migration process for customers moving from Lotus Notes / Domino environments to Microsoft Office 365. This agreement allows Microsoft to offer Binary Tree technology to streamline the customer’s migration coexistence experience.

As the official distributor of Binary Tree’s migration tool set in Africa and the Middle East for over two years, Soarsoft Africa and their Partner Ecosystem, are well positioned to assist local companies with their messaging migrations. This allows them to leverage the full benefits of Binary Tree’s migration tools for smooth migrations to Office 365 from almost any platform.

“As more and more customers migrate to Office 365, we are pleased to have a partner like Soarsoft, that we can trust will deliver a seamless migration experience through use of our products,” said Carl Baumann, vice president of sales and marketing at Binary Tree. Customers can’t afford to wait to take their advantage of the many benefits of Office 365, and with Binary Tree, Soarsoft can migrate them today while taking advantage of the principal technology that Microsoft selected.”

Microsoft has not announced when Binary Tree’s technology will be available in conjunction with Office 365. Until then, customers can continue to purchase migration and coexistence software directly from Binary Tree or a registered Binary Tree partner such as Soarsoft Africa.

“Microsoft’s endorsement of Binary Tree as their choice of partner has reinforced our confidence in the brand and is testimony to its ability to underpin successful migrations from Lotus Notes to the MS Office 365 platform. This is particularly relevant as the local market is increasingly recognising the benefits of cloud and hosted solutions. Our technical know-how, expertise and experience is also of particular benefit to resellers as we are able to jointly ensure rapid and smooth migrations for their clients,” says Chris Hathaway, Director at Soarsoft Africa.

“This is a significant milestone for Binary Tree and we are honoured that Microsoft has selected our software to be offered with Office 365,” says Steven Pivnik, Chief Executive Officer at Binary Tree. “As we enter our 20th year as the messaging migration leader, the agreement further strengthens our leadership position, as well as our relationship with Microsoft.”

Under the terms of the non-exclusive agreement, Microsoft will be able to offer the following Binary Tree technology with their migrations to Office 365:

  •  CMT for Exchange – seamlessly migrates email, calendar and contact data from Lotus Notes
  •  CMT for Coexistence (excluding ZApp) – establishes robust interoperability between users on Lotus Domino and users on Microsoft
  •  CMT for SharePoint: easily migrates Lotus Notes application data to Microsoft SharePoint.
  •  CMT Inspector for Lotus Notes: helps analyze Lotus Notes environments in preparation for a migration off of the platform.

When Binary Tree’s technology components are offered with Office 365, customers requiring the application coexistence component known as Zero-Touch Application Remediation (ZApp), will continue to be able to purchase it directly from Binary Tree or a registered Binary Tree partner. ZApp allows users who have been migrated to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to continue to run email-enabled Lotus Notes workflow applications.

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Microsoft selects Binary Tree’s software