Johnson Controls Unlocks Big Data Potential for Software Developers

Panoptix solution spurs developer activity and launches new online marketplace

Johnson Controls, the global leader in building efficiency, has introduced the Panoptix software development community, providing building data, tools and support to developers to create and market new applications that address energy efficiency, sustainability and operations.

“Johnson Controls is connecting big data with big ideas to create more choices and access for building owners,” says Neil Cameron, GM at Johnson Controls Systems & Service – Africa “This open platform allows developers to do what they do best – create applications. As a result, building owners and facility managers will have access to a growing list of choices to manage their facilities.”

Five initial partner-developed applications will be available for purchase in the new Panoptix marketplace, which provides a global venue to sell applications to building owners and operators. Applications were created and available from EnergyAi, Lucid, EnergyPoints, FirstFuel and T4G.

Lucid developed the Building Dashboard application in Panoptix, which monitors and displays energy and water use in real time on touch screen kiosks and the web, providing a sustainability engagement platform for occupants, building visitors and the public.

“Panoptix allowed us to go deeper with customer solutions by letting us focus on what we do with the information, rather than how we get the information,” says Michael Murray, chief executive officer, Lucid. “Panoptix allowed us to pull data from many different sites and different systems, not just Johnson Controls but others as well, through a common API. That eases the costs associated with system integration, and that means that more of our resources, and frankly more of the customers’ resources, go into delivering value instead of into system integration.”

Panoptix was introduced in 2011 at the Greenbuild Expo in Toronto. The Panoptix solution builds upon Johnson Controls’ expertise in building technologies and systems integration to help building owners and operators achieve improved building performance and energy efficiency. It is a combination of software and services to help single building owners or managers of global enterprises improve the performance of their buildings, decrease energy use and operational costs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is driven by cloud-based apps that provide visibility into how every system, subsystem and device is functioning, and provides information to take actions to improve their performance. It works with any size building, any building management system; can be accessed by any computer, tablet or smartphone; and is supported with industry news, an online community and Johnson Controls Live Guide experts.

Johnson Controls has changed the way buildings are designed, built and operated, making them more efficient and sustainable for more than 125 years since its founder invented the electric thermostat. In North America, Johnson Controls is the largest Energy Services Company (ESCO) with $7.5 million in guaranteed savings in North America and has the largest service network with approximately 5,000 service trucks and thousands of technicians. Globally, Johnson Controls is the largest facility management company with 1.8 billion in managed square feet of managed space. The company has leading building management systems, equipment and technologies including its flagship building management system, Metasys, which has been installed at more than 100,000 customer sites globally. Over the past decade, more than 1000 Johnson Controls employees have achieved LEED credentials.

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Johnson Controls Unlocks Big Data Potential for Software Developers