Dac Systems launch a groundbreaking project lifecycle solution

National services and solutions provider Dac Systems has launched Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) to the domestic market.

This end-to-end solution stack offers users the ability to effectively manage every facet of a project lifecycle – from inception to closure.

The solution stack is aimed at companies of all sizes that in some way or another manage a project or run their business as a project.

Project management is defined as the process and activity of planning, organising, motivating and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals.

All projects are unique says Dac Systems, but all have one common feature: the various areas or stages that have to be negotiated successfully as part of an entire lifecycle.

Dac Systems have successfully created solutions that are applied at every phase of the project in order to help clients effectively deal with factors that can influence project success. Factors such as budget, industry conditions and available resources often come into play.

Dac Systems, a Microsoft technology specialist and Gold certified partner in the Microsoft Partner Network, have brought to market PLM, a solution, the companies claim, speaks to the inherent capabilities of a business to enhance the project management functions.

“The core components of PLM include project accounting, methodology management, demand management, BI and reporting, document and records management, process management, portfolio optimisation and prioritisation as well as issue and risk management,” says Aldo van Tonder, Chief Marketing Officer at Dac Systems,

“These are all applicable and all relevant during some phase of the lifecycle, they all need to be handled successfully,” van Tonder adds.

Through using any of the solution areas in PLM, clients have an immediate solution with advanced functionality to handle every phase of project development, helping users to gain quick control over each stage.

These stages are interlinked says van Tonder and each needs to be adequately managed in order for the project to make progress. Collaboration is key and must be introduced as quickly as possible to facilitate a streamlined approach.

PLM speaks to the advances in project management, incorporating key influences like the Cloud, mobility, collaboration and workflow.

“This represents the next level of project management and keeps your business running smoothly and consistently. That means competitive advantage, which, in this market and economy, is of significant value,” van Tonder says.

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Dac Systems launch a groundbreaking project lifecycle solution