Manage multiple SQL databases easily with EnterpriseWorx

EnterpriseWorx is offering a product that assists organisations with a large SQL server footprint to manage multiple SQL databases remotely and with ease.

Conductor4SQL (C4SQL) is a complete database management system that allows clients to manage and synchronise a network of Microsoft SQL databases from a single portal.

Security, auditing, governance, task automation, system standardisation and real-time data synchronisation are all great aspects to the product.

C4SQL effectively centralises capabilities relating to queries, commands, file distribution, data synchronisation, auditing and more.

It provides a single point of management and visibility of IT operations and hosts a great deal of value-adding functionality, including:

  • Centralised Query and Command Capabilities: From a single point, retrieve data from an unlimited amount of dispersed SQL instances and consolidate, view or export the results. Conduct project releases, database version control and make metadata changes. E.g. Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Centralised File Distribution Capabilities: From a single point, send files of any type to an unlimited amount of dispersed SQL instances. E.g. distribute an application program’s dynamic link libraries (DLL), batch files etc.
  • Centralised Data Synchronisation: From a single point of administration, consolidate and synchronise data to and from an unlimited amount of dispersed SQL instances. This can also be used for central reporting purposes.
  • Centralised Auditing and Event Notifications: From a single point, track and report on all events that occur over an unlimited amount of dispersed SQL instances and set up emailing lists to receive notifications.
  • Scheduling: Commands and queries can be scheduled to execute daily, weekly and monthly, during suitable times.
  • Guaranteed Delivery and Resiliency: Conductor4SQL ensures that all of the above features are built on a guaranteed message queuing platform, making C4SQL extremely reliable and resilient.
  • System Standardization: Monitor the number, versions and properties of SQL installations, easily report on licensing compliance and standardize network and security.
  • Schemas Comparison: Obtain a concise and searchable list of differences in database structures across all client servers. Add client servers to groups and make changes per group.
  • Data Recovery: Disaster Recovery Management. Ensure data is recoverable even if you do not have MS SQL backups.

The following video illustrates how C4SQL can benefit your business:

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Manage multiple SQL databases easily with EnterpriseWorx