CipherWave Storage Services, a subsidiary of Computer Storage Services (CSSI), has officially opened its doors to its fully fledged Virtual Data Centre, coupled with the existing services of co-location hosting and media off-site archival.

The data centre (DC), codenamed ‘CipherVault’, has had a progression of successful rollouts, and the latest being the Virtual Data Centre that has taken 23 months from planning to infrastructure installations, including a 24-hour NOC to support all server hosting and monitor the entire virtual environment.

With the Microsoft South Africa alliance and the installation of redundant fibre-optic links, advanced power supply features, cooling and humidly systems, a host of sensors and detection systems, the facility boasts one of the most modern virtual environments in South Africa to date.

A recent case study issued by Microsoft can be viewed here:

The “MyData” service, an off-site electronic data storage product and physical tape media archival business is consistently expanding and customer satisfaction has reached 99%.

CipherWave is the pioneer company behind MyData,, a cost-effective and highly efficient manner to electronically backup data for businesses, corporates, and private users who can back-up all their data online with its advanced software “CipherArchive” that can also support bare metal restore and can be downloaded for free with packages ranging from 10GB to 24TB (24 000GB) per user.

Due to growing demand early in the year, CipherWave embarked on an investment rollout that resulted in the acquisition and implementation of the latest virtual servers and hosting technology, supported with redundant SANs, Connectivity Fabric and Storage Arrays that are in full production. CipherWave has attracted numerous key corporates and business, most of whom are leaders in their respective market segments, who have their entire virtual or co-located infrastructure located inside the Data Centre – CipherVault.

Interesting key client research successfully demonstrated IT budget savings from 43%-72% to its customers, a model that is attracting businesses to store their infrastructure and storage requirements with CipherWave. According to Jonathan Mason, MD of CipherWave Storage Solutions: “What we have achieved with our CipherVault and our Data Centre offering is unique and has been a first in South Africa. Many rivals today are playing catch-up. We have economies of scale advantages that no other data centre in South Africa can offer, and we guarantee our uptime of 99.9% to every customer backed by service level agreements. We have achieved a 100% uptime offering since April to all our virtual clients in our centre. Further, we are the only company that has implemented heat and energy saving storage devices using Solid State Drives and energy savings SAS devices for high performance requirements and phenomenal speed performance for our clients who in most cases store Exchange and SQL servers among other intensive applications that need exceptional processing performance.”

CipherWave in alliance with Conekt Business Group compliments its offering with the full spectrum of IT professionals to support all hardware 24 hours around the clock, and software engineers and supporting staff that are certified on numerous operating systems and platforms. CipherWave also stores and archives electronic media, hard drives, magnetic tape, DLT, LTO, DAT and other tape media for business entities in South Africa with a total current storage capacity of 250 000 media units.

With CipherWave’s uptime guarantees, dual redundant 1GB/s (1 024Mbps) redundant Internet links and three tiers of power feed and redundant humidity and cooling systems to maintain the Data Centre as a world class leading entity in South Africa.