Solidata International a leading SSD manufacturer signs a distribution agreement with CSSI to supply the African territory with market leading Solid State Drives (SSD’s)

Midrand:  Solidata International has signed on Computer Storage Services (CSSI) as their African partner to supply, distribute and support their SSD offering.  Solidata is one of the leading SSD companies in the world, having been a leader to launch SATA-3 SSD technology and were the first company to launch a 512GB SSD in the World.

Utilising the new Sandforce controller technology, Solidata have introduced SSD’s with market imposing ‘Read/Write benchmarks’ and have set certified speed performances of over 550 and 520 Megabytes per second respectively, and a record throughput performance of just over 60,000 IOPs on an MLC consumer SSD for about 30% less than the competition product available.

Solidata supply full range of SSD’s from 80GB to 960GB with an option of three specification markets, consumer, industrial and enterprise which is offered in the SLC variant, allowing to cater for the full market spectrum.

The key advantages of Solidata’ SSD’s is they only use 2 watts of power per device, negligible heat generated as there are no moving parts, which has a direct impact on battery life on notebook or cooling and power costs in data centres, rugged and reliable as they are not sensitive to drops and shocks, and more than 200 times the IOPS rating of a desktop 7200rpm drive, and more than 10 times faster with data access and transmission.  “With the latest hard drive price increases due to the flooding in Thailand, and the favourable market launching cost of Solidata’s drives, coupled with the near 50% price drop of SSD’s this year have created a lucrative and explosive growth market in South Africa”, says James Grcic, MD of CSSI.  This year CSSI has seen the growth of SSD’s more than triple over last year and these drives have created an affordable and very interesting alternative especially with the demand for faster computing and instant performance required of IT equipment today.

Solidata with the distribution alliance with CSSI will distribute the full product line of SSD’s through the local and African channels and respective resellers.