Jumping Bean Easter Training Specials

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To celebrate Easter Jumping Bean is offering a 15% discount on selected training courses in May 2016. The discounted courses include the popular Postgres administrator and Postgres developer training course as well as the Certified Ethical Hacker course and two Linux Professional Institute courses.

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) qualification is the premier cyber security certification for IT security professionals. The course covers ethical hacking and counter measures aimed at training security professionals in the  techniques and technologies used by hackers from an offensive perspective, providing students with the skills necessary to conduct vulnerability assessments of their own corporate information systems.

Jumping Bean Wins ‘Best New Comer Award’

“Jumping Bean won the ‘Best New Comer Award in 2015’ from EC-Council, the body that developed the CEH certification”, said Peter Hlope, Jumping Beans training manager proudly. “We have seen phenomenal growth in the demand for cyber security training and our core values of  top technical expertise and experienced trainers makes us the preferred training partner for many of South Africa’s top corporates” claimed Hlope.

Postgres, an open  source database, is also in demand and is becoming an increasing popular enterprise database solutions used in large scale database deployments in telecoms, banking and online advertising. The Postgres administrator training course  is aimed at database administrators new to Postgres but who may have existing experience with database administration. The Postgres developer training  course is meant for developers who wish to make use of Postgres unique features in their applications.

Postgres Sees Increasing Adoption in the Enterprise

“Postgres open source development model means it has an unrivalled list of features that no commercial database can compete with”, explained Hlope, “This is why corporates are adopting it in increasing numbers”.

Whist commercial databases have a road map set out by a corporate that has a particular focus for its next release, the open source model followed by Postgres allows for different interest groups to work in parallel to develop capabilities and features that meets their specific needs. This give Postgres it’s competitive advantage and why it inspires so much passion amongst its user base.  “Its list of features is truly impressive”, said Hlope.

Linux Training Still Popular

Also included in the list of eligible courses is the entry level Linux Professional Institute LPI 101 course and the specialist Linux Security training course aimed at intermediate to advanced Linux system administrators.

“The Linux security course is based on the LPIC-303 course objectives but there are no course prerequisites unless attendees wish to sit the LPIC-303 exam. In this case exam takers must have the LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 certifications”, explained Hlope.

“These are our amongst our top 10 most popular courses”, added Hlope. “Over the years Jumping Bean has developed specialisations in Linux and cyber security, in  addition to our developer trainings like Java and JavaScript.  Our focus on training excellence and inspiring our students with a love and passion of the technology being taught has made us the leading training provider for open source technologies in South Africa”, said Hlope.

Training Calendar

Postgres Admin & Dev 11th-15th May
LPI 101 17th-20th May
Linux Security 02nd-06th May
Certified Ethical Hacker 06th-10th Jun

Contact Jumping Bean on +27-11 781 8014 for further information.