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Building a Green and Fully-connected Africa with Huawei 5G Power
[Dec 3rd, 2019]

During AfricaCom 2019, Zhang Fan, Director of Huawei’s Network Energy Marketing Operations explained how the company’s power solution could assist telecos.


Huawei’s New 5G Microwave Architecture Saves Cell Tower Space by 50%
[Nov 19th, 2019]

Huawei has released its new 5G microwave solution with “1+2” simplified architecture at AfricaCom 2019 which was held in Cape Town last week.


CloudEngine 400G intelligent and lossless data centre network
[Nov 14th, 2019]

The fourth industrial revolution, driven by AI, is leading us into an intelligent world where all things will sense, all things will be connected, and all things will be intelligent.


Huawei’s cluster antenna solution allows for more flexibility in telcos’ business planning
[Nov 7th, 2019]

Huawei has unveiled its new cluster antenna solution for Africa ahead of ICT showcase, AfricaCom, which will take place in Cape Town from 12-14 November.

This solution allows for more space-saving on cell towers by highly integrating antennas.

This cluster antenna solution supports 1710-2690 MHz high band 4T4R evolution. Each antenna is capable of achieving full band coverage of 2G, 3G and 4G at one time.

David Chen, Director of Marketing & Solution Sales for Huawei Southern Africa Region says, “This is a solution that gives carriers more flexibility in terms of network planning and upgrading, especially as site acquisition has increasingly become a constraint for them to quickly deploy telecom infrastructure.”

Due to non-standardised processes, lack of uniform institutional frameworks, and various unaligned procedures, site acquisition which usually takes a long time is increasingly hampering the development of telcos. Future networks will be centered on user experience and layered and heterogeneous network construction based on business requirements. 5G, for example, will require higher base station density.

Huawei’s cluster antenna has a more compact design and lighter total weight, which simplifies installation and maintenance. This increases its adaptiveness to new types of sites including street light poles and billboard poles, which might be an efficient options to meet the future needs for higher base stations density.

Huawei has been deeply involved in the antenna industry for 15 years, boasting the largest R&D team in the industry. With its in-depth understanding of mobile broadband network, Huawei is able to overcome operators’ “Site Space/Load Limited”, and enable them to reduce Total Cost of Operation TCO and shorten Time to Market TTM.

AfricaCom is Africa’s biggest telecoms and technology event takes place annually in Cape Town, South Africa. At this year’s 3-day event, Huawei will showcase its end-to-end 5G ability, innovative tools to facilitate the industry’s digital transformation and explore new opportunities that have emerged with new technologies.

Huawei is building hyper-scale datacenters without brick-and-mortar
[Nov 1st, 2019]

Time is money for every business and all businesses expect to go to market quickly.


DCDT and Huawei partner for women’s skills development
[Oct 23rd, 2019]

Huawei South Africa has partnered with the Department of Communication and Digital Technologies to deliver a tailor made 5G course for the department’s women staff.

The training is an extension of the DCDT’s Women’s Month initiative that aims to expose female employees to various technologies and solutions that will enable the digital transformation envisaged by the fourth industrial revolution, commonly referred to as ‘4IR’.

Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana attended and addressed delegates on the importance of skilling and re-skilling of women in the ICT space.  The Deputy Minister further went on to say, “In our effort to build a Capable 4IR Army, we strongly believe in the ongoing development of our employees. We want to learn from leaders in the ICT sector and be trained by them. It is important for us, as women to understand what 4IR technologies are and what changes they will bring to our lives.”

Deputy Minister Pinky Kekana

Huawei COO Christina Naidoo also stressed the importance of women taking a bigger role in ICT as we embrace the digital era.

“The technology space is essentially about innovation – creating and developing new solutions to improve people’s lives. We will only be able to do this optimally when women are intimately involved in the innovation process.”

Department of Communications staffers after 5G and 4IR training at Huawei.

The group of 50 women ranging from Administrative to Executive levels, underwent training in 5G technology and business use cases. They also attended talks on IoT, Cloud and FTTX (Fiber to the X) and were presented with a certificate from the Huawei Learning Centre.

Dept of Communications Acting Director General, Nomvuyiso Batyi said, “The DCDT is committed to ensuring that there is digital inclusion, especially taking account of the interests of women. This training is some of the initiatives by Minister Stella Ndabeni Abrahams to ensure that employees are equipped with the necessary skills to develop policies and legislative frameworks suitable for South Africa.”

Huawei has committed to training 6,000 students and industry professionals in 4IR technologies of 5G, AI, Cloud and Big Data with online and face to face training platforms.

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Huawei leads telcos towards excellent network experience
[Jun 19th, 2019]

In the digital customer-centric driven market, network experience is directly connected to the Telco’s brand value and revenue generation capability.


Development trends in multivariate, heterogeneous, intelligent, and edge network in Cloud 2.0
[Mar 18th, 2019]

Public cloud computing services have changed the way IT infrastructures are used.


Huawei Launches PowerCube 1000 Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power Solution at AfricaCom
[Nov 15th, 2018]

Huawei launched the PowerCube 1000 Advanced Diesel Hybrid Power solution at AfricaCom, marking another breakthrough in Huawei Green Energy Solution.


Huawei Leads Telcos towards Customer Experience Monetisation
[Nov 6th, 2018]

In a mobile market driven by customer experience as the key differentiator; Huawei is leveraging its SmartCare Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution to support African Telcos become more customer centric, efficient and profitable.


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