Jumping Bean introduces Angular 1 and Angular 2 training courses


The JavaScript world is a landscape marked by a multitude of competing platforms and frameworks locked in a battle for dominance, without any single approach managing to obtain a significant portion of the developer’s mind-share that is noteworthy… until recently, that is.

Angular js, the open source “Super Heroic JavaScript Framework” from Google, has, for better or worse, started gaining traction as the JavaScript framework for the enterprise. How much of Angular’s rise is due to the sheer weight of the Google brand, and how much the superior design and technical ingenuity of the framework is a matter of much debate among JavaScript developers, but what is certain is that the Angular Framework is here to stay.

Angular – JavaScript framework for the enterprise

“The biggest challenges facing enterprises, besides picking a JavaScript framework that will be around longer than a quark in the LHC,” said Peter Hlope, Jumping Bean’s training manager, “is the pool of developers with the requisite skills to develop with it. With Angular, enterprises can now solve the first part of the problem, as we have a framework with significant mind-share.”

Hlope was speaking at the announcement of Jumping Bean’s introduction of the Angular 1 training and Angular 2 training courses. 

“Angular is a dual challenge to teams of enterprise developers coming from a class-based object-orientated programming background, such as Java or .Net,” continued Hlope. “Firstly, with the prototypal approach to object inheritance and the many quirks of JavaScript; and secondly, there is the need to master Angular itself. Still, the pay-off for enterprises investing in Angular skills, in terms of reduced development time, having more robust and interactive Web applications is worth it.”

Angular 1 and Angular 2 training by experts

Given the growth in the popularity of Angular and the need to ensure developers are adequately skilled, Jumping Bean has introduced a four-day Angular 1 and Angular 2 training course, developed by its own team of experts to meet corporate training needs.

“Although Angular 2 shares the same name as Angular and is developed by the same team at Google, it is a complete rewrite, meaning there is no backward compatibility between the two frameworks. At the moment, development teams need to choose between Angular 1 and Angular 2. The problem is that Angular 2 has not yet been officially released, thus a lot of enterprise teams are developing on Angular 1 and there will be lot of legacy code to maintain going forward. It is tough to decide which way to take your project, if you need to make a decision now,” said Hlope. “That is why we have an Angular 1 and Angular 2 training course.”

With the backing of Google, the risk for an enterprise standardising on Angular as a JavaScript platform has now been significantly reduced, but there is still a danger that its rise in popularity may be eclipsed by other frameworks. “The React framework from Facebook is another JavaScript framework we are keeping an eye on,” added Hlope. “We will most probably introduce a course for React during the latter of this year.”

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