Slow internet connections are frustrating, both for consumers as well as for internet service providers (ISPs), who understand how costly this can be. Customers can easily move to a different service provider simply because of slow or intermittent internet connection experiences.

This is where Bequant and its broadband telecommunications architecture (BTA) functionality, an integral part of the Bequant BQN product, assist you as the service provider to keep your clients happy. TCP/IP traffic remains the most widely used on the Internet and Bequant’s BTA accelerates TCP traffic flowing through it, resulting in faster downloads and uploads.

While TCP/IP underlies the success of the internet, it can still suffer from throughput bottlenecks when there is packet loss, jitter or network latency. Under these conditions, TCP/IP tends to transmit at a rate lower than the network will allow. Bequant has a patented TCP implementation that can increase TCP traffic speeds to over 100% in real applications – not just in lab tests while avoiding buffer-bloat and packet loss problems.

The Bequant TCP adapts itself to different network conditions thanks to its self-tuning learning algorithm but is especially suited whenever wireless links such as WiFi, LTE, 3G or Fixed Broadband Wireless are present, where it performs better than other TCP implementations.

To explain how Bequant works:

The Bequant TCP stack detects congestion based on the measured delivery rate. The improved Bequant congestion detection algorithm allows its TCP to be more aggressive when there is no congestion and to back off in real congestion, being able to carry out this discrimination in challenging environments with wireless links, packet losses or large network delays.

The BTA runs on the Bequant BQN platform, which can be deployed on off-the-shelf Intel-based servers, virtual machines such as KVM or VMware vSphere hypervisors, or integrated into other network equipment blades.

When married to the BDCOM fiber and Ethernet networking solutions, Bequant becomes an even more powerful solution. BDCOM is a top-tier networking manufacturer that specializes in core networking and last-mile communication products. BDCOM’s products include Ethernet and fiber network switches, Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), and Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions.

BDCOM is world-renowned for offering best-of-breed yet cost-effective IP networking products and prides itself on having the lowest product failure rate amongst industry peers. BDCOM solutions have been widely applied and implemented throughout its global footprint over four continents.

Both Bequant and BDCOM are industry disruptors in the telecommunications sector, and both are available from MiRO. Get in touch with a MiRO solutions specialist today to find out how Bequant can increase your network performance and enhance your customer experience.

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