The industry-leading telecommunications vendor, Mimosa Networks, continues to excel and enable blazingly, fibre-fast subscriber speeds to every device on the network, with great return on investment. Mimosa, available from MiRO, manufactures fixed wireless solutions that deliver extraordinary performance in urban, suburban and long-distance applications.

Mimosa’s unique GPS Sync technology allows for co-location and frequency re-use and these products are built for reliability, with IP67 ratings and dual-link wireless redundancy. South African Wireless ISPs are reporting transformation to their networks with Mimosa’s A5 GPS Sync, scaling up subscriber speeds by as much as ten times and being able to expand their networks with both MicroPoPs for small residential areas and estates, and GigaPoPs for rural coverage.

Congestion and noise – enemies of today’s network, are overcome through Mimosa’s suite of Point-to-MultiPoint (PtMP) products, which offer extended frequency support from 4.9 to 6.4 GHz, allowing users to escape congestion in the 5GHz band. Mimosa’s unique extended frequency range means the ability to move into cleaner spectrum and delivering a better quality wireless experience.

Mimosa’s PtMP solutions deliver aggregate speeds of up to 1.5 Gbps, with less than 1ms latency over shorter distances and their Point-to-Point (PTP) solutions deliver links of up to 100 kilometres plus, making network expansion quick and easy for ISPs.

Extending the range, Mimosa’s amazing antennas enable massive scale, frequency re-use and capacity at tower locations. These antennas mean high bandwidth over long distances, outperforming other solutions with their high gain and incredible noise rejection.

Understanding the demands on a network, Mimosa ensures easy design and network management to provide for end-user needs. Mimosa’s Cloud offers easy link design, planning, inventory management and installation assistance. Accessible from anywhere, Mimosa Cloud gives a single pane of glass view of the entire network helping the business perform at its best and grow.

Mimosa’s robust and intelligent cloud platform comprises of its Network Design Tool (NDT), Network Management System (NMS), and Mimosa’s Install Mobile App. Mimosa Cloud’s services bring simple network planning and big data analytics to the wireless network.

Mimosa’s smart, quad-panel technology is the first directional Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology, providing four individual 90º panels that can uniquely transmit MIMO streams only in the direction of a desired client. This also frees up the access point to simultaneously transmit to an additional client in a different direction using MIMO technology.

Mimosa MicroPoP for the deployment of fixed broadband services over wireless, is designed from the ground up for dense urban and suburban neighborhoods. The MicroPoP targets 250 to 500 Mbps speeds. Clients connected to a MicroPoP can burst to hundreds of megabits, symmetrically, in both a downstream and upstream direction.

Utilising a mix of unlicensed and licensed spectrum, a MicroPoP architecture can achieve costs per subscriber that are a fraction of wired fixed broadband technologies meaning that no one gets left behind – and there is instant gratification for subscribers through on-the-spot installation, driving a high adoption rate and client satisfaction.

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