Costly installations, trench-digging, finding the right installers and getting area approval to install fibre is just a few of the problems that you’ll encounter on your quest for outdoor CCTV installation. Some resort to generic Wi-Fi to connect their cameras, but that too presents a set of problems, such as interference, low coverage and contention-based protocol issues.

Cambium’s cnVision is a purpose-built wireless transport solution for CCTV and video surveillance applications. Unlike your traditional cable-connected cameras which need to be positioned in the area of the connection, the cnVision installed cameras go beyond boundaries and perform just as well, if not better than cable-connected ones. It can be deployed in both point-to-point or point-to-multipoint landscapes. cnVision’s ONVIF camera integration and VMS management integration, combined with Cambium’s radio technology makes it a key element within the system integration industry as it offers system integrators the tools they need to seamlessly and effortlessly deploy private wireless surveillance networks.

The cnVision portfolio caters for everyone regardless of deployment capacity. For users whose aim is to micro-deploy a point-to-point setup is ideal through the cnVision Client MICRO, which covers an area of approximately 1,5 kilometres, but can also serve as a point-to-point connection hub ideal for homes. The cnVision Client MINI offers a mid-range coverage, while also serving as a point-to-point connection hub and offering coverage for homes and neighbouring property. The cnVision Hub 360 offers multiple users 360-degree coverage with the capacity to connect multiple cameras beyond 1,5 kilometres. The cnVision Hub FLEXr on the other hand has an impressive ability to combine with a horn or sector antenna to achieve a massive coverage that extends up to 8 kilometres and connect up to three PoE cameras or other PoE devices. For users who want to completely close all connection gaps and enjoy massive, reliable and quality coverage, the cnVision Client MAXr is the perfect companion. This powerful module is extremely secure and provides the user with the best encryption, performance and coverage with IP67 rating for all weather conditions.

There is no need for fibre installation, cnVision is easy to install and requires absolutely no drastic reformation from your side. MiRO is Cambium’s cnVision best distributor around as their experienced team will assist you with the complete installation while providing a product that meets and exceeds your specific requirements. With MiRO, clients receive expert advice, pre-sales, after-sales support and unbeatable prices.

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