In line with its focus on fundamental innovation to improve efficiency and prevent problems with noise, RF Elements has updated its UltraDish TM offering with its new RF-UD-TP21.

The updated RF-UD-TP24 and RF-UD-TP27 are replacing the RF-UD-TP400 and RF-UD-TP550 respectively. This is a new UltraDish TM generation; a set of three parabolic dishes for PtP and CPE applications.

RF Elements, as a responsible vendor, has its core mission being to provide solutions that help the whole industry, especially with the surge in connectivity requirements during the pandemic requiring WISPs and ISPs to enable remote work.

These improvements are not limited to WISPS and ISPs, however, but are available from MiRO for other service providers, such as hobbyists, who run wireless networks in the unlicensed 5 GHz band.

Intrinsic changes include the Radome cover for the 27 dBi UltraDish TM, which decreases the wind load and protects the antenna from changing and inclement weather conditions.

The Radome cover is made of high-quality materials, coated in stainless steel, and has a drain hole for condensed water.

The UltraDish TM TP antennas feature an innovative mounting system design optimized for simplicity and durability. The installation and aiming adjustment is quick, easy, and can be done within minutes.

Stable antenna gain is important for reliable link performance. The gain of all three UltraDish TM TP antennas is stable in the whole useful bandwidth – from wideband 5.1 up to 6.4 GHz, letting you leverage the whole spectrum between UNII-1 and UNII-5 bands with constant, consistent performance, regardless of the channel used.

Beam performance is another critical component of a network. The radiation pattern of UltraDish TM TP antennas, with suppressed side lobes, minimizes the collected and transmitted interference in high-noise areas.

The flexible gain of UltraDish TM TP antennas is achieved simply by adjusting the size of the main reflector that focuses on the signal fed via the TwistPort TM  connector.

Not neglecting the green factor, RF Elements’ UltraDish TM products come in new, eco-friendly packaging.

Don’t battle radio frequency noise, unstable throughput, or jittery MCS rates. Contact a MiRO technical expert today to discuss how you can access unlimited growth with your unlicensed 5 GHz wireless networks with RF Elements.

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